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Presenting your ideas and products appealingly, is the key to selling these days. We are sure you have a great product or an excellent service line. But if you are missing a flashy presentation for your products or services, then chances are that you may not clinch those good deals. Even the best things may not sell if they are not presented well. An effective way of communicating your ideas is through attractive presentations. With advancements in multimedia technology, presentations have taken many forms.

Be it an online presentation, or a stand alone CD presentation, we include the right blend of graphics, animation, video and sound, to represent your ideas in the most effective manner.
We at Estance technology, offer the following services for all your corporate requirements:-
  • CD Presentation
  • Digital Product Catalog
  • Online Presentations
  • Animation and Multimedia Presentations
  • Slide shows and Educational Presentations
Estance Technology helps you create high impact presentations through the use of latest and most effective tools. We deliver your presentations following a multidisciplinary approach merged with creativity which helps you stay ahead of your competitors.
E-Learning ..
We provide end-to-end eLearning solutions and specialize in the innovative use of technology. Our applications have been used on a large scale by hundreds of thousands of learners. We have designed and developed products for educational institutes, publishing houses, and corporates.
Our e-learning solutions allow you to take training to the next level. At Estance we develop customized e-learning solutions for Online and Offline deployment. Our courses utilize a wide range of presentation tools including digital imagery, video, and voice over talent to bring life to your material. We utilize simulations, tutorials, games, slideshows, and other activities to help illustrate and reinforce the concepts you are trying to communicate to your students while keeping them completely engaged. Our courses implement screens to support multiple learning styles including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning.
We understand the need of organizations today to scale up training. Speed is the need of the hour. Only an organization that can swing into action fast, whether for training or launching a new offering survives in the long run. For those interested in rapid course development designed to accommodate a large volume of e-learning initiatives.
Print & Media Solutions...
Brand Recognition ..

Aggressive marketing is what you need to popularize your products or services. Internet is an excellent medium for exposure to a much larger customer base. It helps you explore new market segments and generate leads you never thought were possible. On top, it is much more economical than maintaining a regular sales force. With Internet based product promotion, your product links start showing up on popular web sites. You can even put advertisement banners on popular sites related to your industry. Not to mention, bulk emailing with attractive offers will surely create long term customers for you.
We at Estance Technology offer you the perfect launch pad for your line of products. Whether you are a home-based business or a multinational corporation, we can efficiently assist you with your promotional needs.
We apply effective measures to promote your product online, such as:

  1. Create or redesign (optional) of your product page.See our Web Designing Services for complete Website design.
  2. List your Product Page at Popular Search Engines.
  3. Promote your Product Page.See our Web Promotion Services for promoting your Website.
  4. List your product online with local Yellow Pages.
  5. Display advertisement banners of your product at various websites.
  6. Provide links of your product page with popular 3rd party websites.
  7. Send bulk emails to your target customer segments.