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Application Development...
Application Development..
In the post recession era, managing end-customer relationships to drive revenue growth is a priority for enterprises worldwide. Technology is the enabler that can improve customer satisfaction and create competitive differentiators. Meeting unique customer needs, however, calls for tailor-made technology solutions that can improve operational efficiency, define customer-centric processes, and enable competitive differentiation. We addresses this enterprise requirement through its custom application development services.
We enables enterprises operating in a dynamic business environment to stay competitive by equipping them with custom-built applications that address functional gaps within the existing IT infrastructure and/or make their systems more responsive to specific business requirements. The company’s expertise and capabilities has fetched it several industry recognitions.
How We Can Help You       
we have adopted and gained considerable expertise in agile development methods to ensure that clients benefit from productivity improvements especially in terms of increased flexibility to respond to changing requirements. Additionally, We helps organizations maximize their return from an Agile transition through its proven Change Management methodology that helps enterprises smoothly traverse the cultural shift required by such process changes. In the traditional arena, We offers a suite of methodologies and frameworks which when combined with its vast domain and technical expertise provide the best balance in terms of cost, agility, and quality for building applications that meet business requirements.
We are committed to deliver the following benefits to its clients:
  • Improved productivity year-on-year with immediate and near-term cost saving benefits
  • Improved response to unpredictable demand and managing capacity variations in application development using our Variable Build Model Speed-to-market
  • Greater cost savings via efficient and distributed service offerings and delivery models
  • Improved process efficiency and resource optimization
  • Faster development cycle with greater visibility into the development process
  • Center of Excellence for niche technologies and domain areas
Application Maintenance & Support...
Application Maintenance & Support..
Applications provide the backbone for many of your business initiatives. Having a partner that can maintain your existing applications allows your internal group to shift focus to strategic and forward-looking IT initiatives. After all, the maintenance of your application is about business - not just technology. The decision of how you preserve the integrity of core business applications, manage changes in infrastructure, and improve operational costs is an essential step in the application management lifecycle.
We offer you the following Application Maintenance services:
  • Feature Enhancements - Implement new features to your existing application without affecting the reliability or functionality of your business logic. Easy adaptability to changing business demands is a high value to pass on to your end users.
  • Bug Fixes - Keeping the vitality and success of an application and resolving known issues helps provide confidence in your organization’s core business initiatives.
  • End User Help Desk – We will provide a Help Desk staffed with trained professionals to support the end-users of your system. We can offer both 1st and 2nd line support and detailed technical assistance, answer questions and manage the resolution of problems.
  • Quality Assurance Testing - Quality assurance is crucial to delivering high-quality and highly usable applications. We offer functional, regression and performance testing of applications to determine if it meets requirements and a level of acceptance before general availability.
  • Management of Source Code - Manage the platform-specific applications and their source code, placing them under version control in order to track modifications related to new fixes or enhancements.
  • Platform Ports - Porting an application from one platform to another may be necessary to accommodate the ever-changing technology and architectural standards. Facilitating platform ports may involve adapting code to work on complex target platforms.
Product Life Cycle Management...
Product Life Cycle Management ..

Estance offers its clients a complete Software Product Life Cycle Management solution. We provide full fledged support from seasoned hands for varied phases of product lifecycle ranging from product inception/introduction to product maturity and have gained hands on experience in core product engineering services comprising new product development, feature & functional enhancement, migration & porting services, and maintenance & support

Estance has segmented its wide-spread product development services into four core heads:
  • New product development: At Estance, we understand our customer’s diversified needs of new software product development. We have developed and successfully implemented software products for both, end clients and software product marketers. We know how to design, develop, and implement software products. We understand the economics behind it and other crucial factors like, time to market, better management of resources, market and technology risks, reliability, fit for purpose, etc. You can be rest assured of optimum balance between these factors while offloading you product development to us.
    • Faster time to market for your products
    • Product and technology domain savvy talent pool
    • State of the art ODC services with flexible and dynamic development environment
    • Full product life cycle testing cycle
    • Effective management during pressure scenario at different stages of product development
    • Value addition services to customers by providing efficient and effective product management services
  • Feature & functional enhancement: We have developed product oriented dynamic processes which allow us to react to growing as well as changing needs of customer needs at right time. Adopting distributed Agile development methodologies we add new features and functionality to existing products and provide our client strategic advantages of reduced Time-to-market, lowered Total Cost of Ownership and de-risking in business. Our offering encompass-
    • Recognize and rapidly extend new product feature-functionalities
    • Extend product for web & other platforms
    • Extend product design
  • Maintenance and Support: We understand Maintenance and Support is crucial for our clients’ commercial grade products and key factor in building their credulity. Estance has devoted extended support infrastructure for product development clients. Estance’s product support team is an amalgamation of technology & domain specialists providing quality support & maintenance.
    Our major support activities include
    • Proactive & Reactive support
    • Response time driven support
    • Legacy applications maintenance
    • Troubleshooting and continual maintenance support
    • Software product maintenance
    • Database and data warehouse support
    • Network Management and Support
  • Migration and Porting services: Product and market dynamism demand Product companies to achieve the challenging aim of supporting the products across different platforms. Estance’s Migration and Porting services enable its product development clients meet cross-platform compatibility challenges by providing transformation from source to target, across design architectures & platforms while optimizing the code for equivalent or superior performance.
    We have evolved a mature Migration methodology that wraps all stages ranging from impact analysis to deployment & testing. The major paces in our evolved Migration and Porting methodology are following:
    • Planning along with risk & needs analysis
    • Customization of library definition & versioning control
    • Building the system & migrating the code
    • Detailed testing & debugging
Product Testing & QA...
Product Testing & QA..
The biggest challenge in developing a software product is its quality and therefore for every software product company, Testing and Quality Assurance are the two most mission critical aspects to win over consistently at all times. A quality of software product is pivotal and quintessential to become the lead brand.
Quality just does not confine to the source code but it is much more than that. Nowadays in complex heterogeneous business environment software products are supposed to excel on scalability, portability, security, industry processes and integration aspects of an enterprise. To achieve this challenge dependency on in-house testing could lead to a snare in the product development. Moreover getting the QA done in-house for an ISV is resource intensive, costly, and challenging.
Estance being a software product development company possesses extensive experience to produce commercial grade of quality software products in the light of contemporary challenges faced by a successful enterprise.

Systems Integration services:
Managing multi-technology IT Projects and completing them within a fixed schedule and cost is essential for getting the expected return on investment. Considering the complexity of the tasks involved and the necessary combination of Technology and Project Management skills, most businesses have now decided to outsource the entire IT work of system design, hardware, software procurement, implementation, integration, testing & roll out work to IT services organizations like us. This turnkey execution of IT Projects is referred to as Systems Integration.
Collectively, we present end to end solutions in ERP, Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BI/DW), and middleware and infrastructure management to offer high value Systems Integration services.
We offer unmatched value proposition in matching our customers' needs with system requirements. We bring together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration and business process management to aid our customers build a distinct competitive advantage.

Software testing Services:
Software testing plays a pivotal role in program assurance. The impact of the cost of poor quality is experienced only after systems go into production and is rarely considered before or during program implementation.
Software testing has evolved into a very mature discipline and is a vital business-enabling function within any organization undertaking critical transformation programs. Software testing plays a crucial role in program assurance activities, helps achieve lean IT operations, provides business enablement and also control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
We have established a separate team of testing to drive the adoption of a disciplined approach towards testing from a quality control and assurance perspective. Our processes and frameworks assist in the extremely efficient conduct of software testing. Enabled by organization level baselines and best practices, our testing practice focuses on end user needs. Our testing services incubate new solutions to meet emerging industry trends and with a plethora of both licensed and open source tools, we are able to suggest the most appropriate solution bases on customer needs.
Enterprise Resource planning Services..
Enterprise Resource planning Services..
Estance is an ERP solutions provider that can provide spectrum of ERP solutions which help the companies to operate business in the perfect way. Our scalable ERP solutions enable you to automate major manufacturing and financial processes. It is our immense experience and proven expertise in ERP implementation and ERP functionality that has lead us to acquire competency in delivering scalable and adaptive solutions.
The fundamental ERP Implementation practices of ours include Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, MS Dynamics NAV and JDE. With the development of new ERP Software, it has not remained limited to the big organizations but even small and midsized organizations have started dipping their toes into and taking benefits of it. With our pool of expert engineers, we can deploy the ERPs understanding your needs and budget. We offer end-to-end solutions to our customers supporting them through the complete range of the application life cycle, from package assessment to implementation and post-implementation support.